Cultural Experiences

The History of Reggae Music Experience

Get out of the sun for a few minutes and take a trip down the Reggae Music road. View a short video on the history of Reggae Music and how it has evolved to date. Also take a minute to view various pieces of literature of this iconic genre.

Live Mural Experience

Experience local artist, Fred Johnston, painting an 8ft by 40ft mural live though-out the weekend. The mural will be donated to an undetermined community organization.

Live Wood Carving Experience

Experience live wood carvings demonstrated by world renowned artist Charles Gillam.

Stilt Walking Experience

The Stilt Walking experience guided by Casa Samba will allow children and adventurous ‘grown-ups’ to experience first-hand what it’s like to ‘be a stilt-walker’ in a safe environment.

Foot-ball Experience

What’s a Reggae Fest without the original Foot -Ball ? Can u score a goal against our Roots Reggae

Goalies? If you can…you won’t walk away empty handed….

Hookah Experience

Come relax in the shade and enjoy some flavored shisha